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Cirquet Confetti

The Cirquet Confetti group has been making people smile for more than 30 years, with street performances and stage shows.
Comedy and poetry shows for all ages with a juggler, clown and music.

(+0034) 659 83 41 43 /


A tricycle with circus equipment, swing music and a clown at the wheel
Juggling, object manipulation, magic tricks and comedy.
Small traveling circus show for all ages and smiles.


Miss Umbrella

The performance it’s about spinning and balance parasols and music with and antique roller organ.

Miss Umbrella is an eccentric character that mixes elements of old streets performances with elements of the modern circus.

The show is next and nice for all audiences.


Pianissimo Circus

Concert for clown and piano. Serafina and Frans present their show in concert format. A grand piano brings to live each piece, accompanied by the clown entertaining performance through her own music and choreography.
Live music clown show for all ages.